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The Morphable Museum
by John M. Johansen & Mathew Hilyard

The museum, as we know it, is a building type requiring complex accommodations for changing exhibits, programming for storage, transport and display, as well as changing patterns of visitor traffic in circulation, circuiting throughout as well as ancillary public functions.

It is for these reasons that the anticipated facilities of "morphability," i.e., the form change of a building, will be uniquely served. This museum is designed to develop from any number of growth centers from which, by special coding, molecules will draw from chemical filled vats in to clusters of structural columns. At regular selected levels, platforms as petals or leaves would be programmed to grow outward in six directions, or retreat as exhibit spaces as required.

These growth centers and floor petals are all based on hexagonal geometry. This allows petals of any adjacent growth centers to meet and fuse into continuous floors, or a variety of small and large spaces to accommodate extensive exhibits, or enclosed as auditoria and multi-media displays. The total museum, at various stages or ultimate growth, would be enclosed in a continuous translucent membrane.

Elevators, each operating within the columnar clusters, would lift exhibit material and visitors vertically. The dynamics of continual changes of structure and space would create an architectural experience not known in our time.