The Office for NanoArchitecture was established to pursue the implementation of Nano Molecular Technology (NMT) in architecture and acts as both a point of contact and center towards this endeavor. NanoArchitecture is a branch of design and construction that deals with the creation of matter through molecular assemblers controlled by artificial intelligence. While the anticipated process will be a combination of digio-mechanical technologies, we suspect that it will probably appear to duplicate organic growth since its pulse of creation is at a microscopic scale.

• Our short term objectives are to prepare images of how this new technology might appear in architectural form. With the assistance of computer architectural rendering, we are able to, with photo-realism, illustrate the various possibilities of architectural expression that we expect to be possible with NMT.

• Our long-term objective is to use these still and animated images to apply for funding to stimulate focused research and design in the pursuit of artificial building growth with the architectural and scientific community. These images will also serve as study resources for the academic community to begin considering what NMT might mean for both the education and future of architectural practice.

• While we visualize our concepts of the first completed buildings based on NMT assemblage, we understand that it will only be possible based on the scientific break through work of noted physicists and scientists. Thus we see our role as facilitating a visual dialogue which explores the viability and potential of nanoarchitecture based on scientific fact for mans next phase in his quest for shelter.

ONA is currently comprised of various talented people in architecture, the arts and sciences who share a passion and curiosity about the future of the built environment and what is possible with the technological advances of NMT.